About us


Salutem General Trading was established in 2015 in the United Arab Emirates to build a safer environment for our kids.
We share every parent’s concern and motive to ensure our kids are safe at all times. As a company, we pride ourselves in offering products with the highest safety standards as well as experts to help you identify the various hazards around the house and recommend and installing the appropriate measures. We offer pool fencing solutions and child proofing products inside your home; from baby gates to door stoppers, edge cushions and many more


Our mission is to provide parents with a peace of mind by offering tailored solutions ensuring their kid’s safety whether outdoor at the playground and swimming pool or indoor


Most homes are not constructed or furnished to host a child safe environment, from the interior to the pool and garden. Moreover, the majority of parents are unfortunately unaware of all the hazards around the house until an accident occurs. Luckily most safety experts and organizations, including ours, estimate that 75 to 90% of home accidents can be avoided through better safety awareness and proper preventative measures.