Removable Pool Fence


Proud Distributor of Protect-A-Child

We Provide UAE Families with the Safest Solution to Secure Their Swimming Pools and Patios.

United States based company, Protect-A-Child, has spent more than 30 years providing an innovative, top-quality pool fences to ensure the safety of children and pets around the swimming pool. Parents and grandparents feel confident in the durability and the safety associated with the Protect-A-Child brand offered by Salutem.

removable pool fence salutem uaeGiven the high degree of sunlight and hot climate, in Dubai and other areas of UAE, our unbreakable fiberglass posts and reinforced mesh are a must-have. Unlike aluminum post that can get very hot in the sun, our fiberglass posts are heat-resistant and safe should you need to remove or if your child bumps against it. Our posts, mesh and borders include built-in UV protection to prevent deterioration and fading from the sun. This ensures that your fence will maintain its strength and visual appeal, year after year.


Our fiberglass solid-core posts are the most important feature of Protect-A-Child fences. These support posts are so strong that they come with a lifetime guarantee to never break or become bent or crooked, which is all too common with competing aluminum posts. A pool fence’s support posts are the difference between a fence standing tall and safe versus a vulnerable fence that is sagging and unsafe.


In addition to our strong posts, we also provide a twist-lock option to secure your posts into the patio surface. Only offered by Salutem , this additional layer of safety prevents small children from lifting the posts out and potential gaining access to the pool.

Here are just a few of the features UAE families are benefiting from when choosing Salutem:

removable pool fence in mins

Removable in Minutes

Your pool fence can be easily removed by an adult, while it’s safety features prevent children from taking out the posts.

solid core fiberglass post uae

Strong Fiberglass Posts

Your pool fence can be easily removed by an adult, while it’s safety features prevent children from taking out the posts.

pool fence suresafe system uae

SureSafe System

You get extra layers of protection from our patented Lock-in-Deck Posts, Point-Lock Secure Latches, and Self-Closing Gates.

pool fence colors and style options

Multiple Style Options

Choose from multiple pool fence color and height options to create the perfect design for your family’s needs.

reinforced mesh and borders for pool fence

Reinforced Mesh & Borders

Your fence comes with strong, durable mesh made with weatherproof stitching and border. Proven in over 30 years of field use.

pool fence installation experts uae

Installation Experts

We treat your pool fence installation as if it is our home and our family. Your new fence will be safe and look great.